Balancing Motherhood, work and time for my Blog during a Pandemic!

Whew, it's been a while and I hate that I let this go for so long.

Let's chat! My blog is a no judgement zone.

How is everyone doing?  How are you coping with working from home? If you aren't working from home and you're an essential worker how are you doing? Like -how are you REALLY doing? 

I will be doing some vlogs soon. I will be adding it to the blog so that I'm not always typing and you can have something visual because I know some prefer to watch than read.

I am very interested in knowing what you do on a daily basis.

Do you have a set routine/schedule?  How is remote going for you with the kiddos?  How is your mental well being? How are you incorporating self care?  Are you doing too much Retail Therapy? Oop!    As you can see I have lots of questions.  Chime in below and let me know what you are doing or not doing. 

Below is a video that I liked in regards to staying mentally healthy.

Be well everyone and we'll chat soon!!!



Ladies this week we a featuring one of Boston's top boutique's!  Bess Boutique!!

Are you ready for the weekend?  Well, not until you stop by Bess Boutique in Uphams Corner.  They have everything you need for a night/day out.  Please stop by and visit.   Even if you aren't from the area but know someone from the area have them pick up a few pieces. They are on top of the latest trends and styles. Some of the most edgy, stylish pieces to freshen up your wardrobe.  Your one stop shop to complete your entire outfit.

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Men's Fashion

I found some versatile looks that I just adore for Men's Fashion!!!!

Which one is your favorite?  Which one would you like to see bae in?

Time Management!

It's been a long, long time!!!!
Busy with life like the rest of us!
I want to know what you guys do to manage your time!!!  When you have a few minutes check out the below video.  I was taken back with the title initially "Stop Using To Do Lists" that's actually my life.  What works for you?  One thing that always resonates with me is that we all really have the 24 hours in the day.  How much time do you spend on social media? That time could be used to be more productive.  We constantly say I don't have time but we do.  Check out the vid.  Let me know your thoughts.

Fall is approaching!
Opi - We'll always have Paris

Interview with King Author Interview- Mercenary Sessions 3

Take a listen as I catch up with King Author on his new project Mercenary Sessions 3 and more!


It's SPRING!!!!!!!

Spring is here! What are your favorite go to Spring outfits? Here are a few that caught my eye online!!